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Secure Express

is unique, niche & secure. It offers you trust, reliability, safety and convenience – all of which is created when taking one of our Rydes.

Secure Express creates trust through accountability, as we employ and train all of our drivers.

Secure Drivers are bi-annually assessed, fully vetted and must pass our pre-employment training program in a range of skills such as hijack prevention, advanced driving, customer service and first aid

Our Secure Drivers are limited as to how many hours permitted per shift, to ensure driver fatigue is not a problem and thus ensuring high safety levels for our customers. Our vehicles are constantly tracked and supported by our Global Security Operations Centre.

We also offer the benefit of complimentary, add on’s such as Wi-Fi and charging cables for all mobile devices in our vehicles.

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Looking for Secure Express?

Blueberry Office Park Unit 17 Block C Honeydew

+27 87 133 2333

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